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The 24 Gold Group Ltd.
Code of Ethics

Its independence has enabled 24 Gold to develop a philosophy founded on certain values that have been forging the house spirit since 1987. Among them, audacity is doubtlessly what best defines the Precious metals industry. this quality is shown through the corporate's management style.

The level of expertise passed on represents a magnificent legacy for future generations of teams who will in turn perpetuate it with the utmost respect for the company's traditions and history.

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24 gold 2

24 Gold regards its service as a means of expressing its esteem for both its jewelry industrial customers and its personnel. Guided by loyalty to this key value, 24 Gold gives years of service to preserving & maintaining time-honored standards of quality and timeless services.

24 Gold prides it self in achieving excellence in all its fields of activity. From production, through to acquisition by the end customer, the company possesses unique expertise expressed through two specialized skills relating to the fields of Precious metals refining and bullion dealer.


Precious Metal Refining

Gold Refining
Silver Refining
Platinum Refining
Palladium Refining
Jewelry Refining
Dental Refining

Bullion Dealer

Gold Bars
Gold Coins
Silver Bars
Silver Coins
Platinum Bars
Platinum Coins
Palladium Bars
Palladium Coins

Trust is Earned

24 Gold has earned the trust of their customers in Canada & overseas.

We remain committed today, as yesterday, to preserving & maintaining time-honored standards of quality and timeless services. Profound market knowledge and wide experience over many years in "... guarantee consultancy, security and reliability in our services."

We Guarantee Discrete, Anonymous
& Immediate Transactions.

By dealing with 24 Gold, you will find speed & skill in the performance as we continue to  maintain time-honored standards of quality & timeless services connected with…

  • Jewelry Stores
  • Jewelry Manufacturers
  • Jewelry Repair
  • Jewelry Wholesale
  • Pawnshop
  • Dental Lab & Doctors
  • Investors or Others

Each order regardless of its size, receives the same care and attention. We strive to provide our best service to refining your precious metals and ordering according to your request. Whether you are an individual or a company looking for a company that has a profound reputation and offers Precious metals services (refining or bullion), think to deal with 24 Gold.

Let us earn your trust and show you the difference.

We’ll also give you an open invitation to contact us whenever you have any questions or comments about your need. We’re here for you whenever you need us. Remember, we’re here to answer your questions and provide you with expert advice!
It’s our pleasure to serve you soon.